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How To Choose The Best Safety Cover For Your Pool

Nov 25, 2016 by Aaron Steele

Purchasing a pool for your home will provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family and friends, but it also comes with great responsibility. Other than the pool itself, the most important choice you will make is the type of cover that will go over it. Swimming pool covers are an important accessory that provide safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. The three most common categories of pool covers are solid, mesh, and automatic. Each provides different features that will fit what you are looking for based on your main priorities.

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Preparing for Colder Weather: How to Winterize Your Pool

Nov 21, 2016 by Lance David

                                                                        Photo by Platinum Poolcare - Look for traditional pool pictures
When it comes to in-ground pool maintenance, one of the most important tasks on the list for those who live in climates where temperatures fall below freezing in the winter is to fully winterize the pool. Winterizing your pool will help prevent damage to system components from freezing and expanding water. For simple best practices, follow the outline we provide below, it takes less time than you’d think.

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Lawn Decor to Add Comfort to your Backyard Oasis

Nov 18, 2016 by Aaron Steele

While hopping a jet to some far away exotic destination is a great fantasy, the reality is that that is tough to do — at least on a regular basis. Thankfully, you can have an incredible oasis right in your backyard. It starts with your gorgeous in-ground swimming pool. With that installed, there are many simple additions you can make to enhance the “escape to paradise” feel of the pool area. And, every one of them is cheaper than a flight to the Caribbean.

Try some (or better yet, all!) of the ideas below and see how small enhancements to your pool deck area can have a big impact on its look and feel.

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