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Can Fiberglass Swimming Pools Pop Out of the Ground?

Sep 16, 2016 by Aaron Steele

This is the number one myth aimed at fiberglass pools and it is simply not true!

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Seniors and Swimming: The Many Health Benefits

Sep 15, 2016 by Aaron Steele

One of the great things about swimming is that it’s an activity that’s fun and healthy for people of any age. We’ve all seen photos and videos of an infant’s delight as the child’s parents introduce him or her to pool play. That same type of smile can be found on the face of seniors many decades later as they enjoy a swim with friends.

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Custom Features That Add an Exotic Flare to your Backyard Pool

Sep 12, 2016 by Aaron Steele

Your backyard swimming pool is the perfect getaway after a busy workday, all weekend long, or anytime. If you are considering a pool renovation and want to enhance that vacation feel, here are some things you can do to give your pool an international flare.

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