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Tips for Removing Leaves from Your Pool or Pool Cover

Oct 10, 2016 by Aaron Steele

Autumn has arrived. With it come warm days, cool nights, and lots of leaves drifting down into your backyard swimming pool. They’ve got to come out of there, of course, but rather than grumbling about this new addition to your already-long To Do list, it’s better to simply make a plan and get after it. Below are tips for making the process as quick and easy as possible.

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First Aid Supplies to Keep by the Pool

Oct 6, 2016 by Aaron Steele

Swimming in your custom in-ground pool, like all recreational activities, comes with a risk of injury or other medical emergencies. While following swimming pool safety rules can help minimize this risk, you should nevertheless be prepared to deal with any issues that arise. Having the right first aid and safety supplies poolside can allow you to quickly respond to an emergency.

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Winter is Coming! Tips on How to Winterize Your In-Ground or Above Ground Swimming Pool

Oct 3, 2016 by Vernon Poolman

Winter is coming! Winter is coming!

Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but unfortunately the swimming season in many areas is drawing to a close. Winter can do some serious damage to an unprotected pool, which is why it is so important to winterize your pool properly. We thought some of you could use a little refresher, so here is a quick outline of the process. Remember that each pool is different, so we recommend that you consult with your local pool builder before beginning the winterizing process.

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