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10 Must-Have Pool Accessories For Adult Pool Parties

  Nov 8, 2016 / by Tara Kar

Pool party adult party poolside summer party
Kids are easily entertained; throw a pool party complete with goggles and snacks and you’ll have little to worry about. Hosting a party for friends and neighbors is another ballgame entirely. Kick your next adult poolside fiesta up a notch with these ten must-have games and accessories.

  1. Mega Chill Pool Cooler – They’ll have no reason to ever leave the deep end with this floating beverage cooler. Take some of the work out of hosting with a mobile bar featuring easy-grab handles and cup holders. Your guest’s next drink is only a paddle away.
  2. Pool Poker – Waterproof playing cards and an inflatable table with seats? Yes, please. What more do you need to know?
  3. Floating Golf Green – Tired of listening to your coworker brag about his golf game? Put his skills to the test with a mobile green complete with a tee-box and floating balls. Great for two or more players.
  4. Tumbling Towers – Use this oversized Jenga set as an icebreaker among guests as you’re mixing cocktails on the deck. For added difficulty, play after everyone has had a few drinks and a little time in the pool.
  5. Corn Hole – Jump start your Fourth of July party with a timeless game of corn hole. Players team up to toss beanbags into or around the hole for points. Be careful--you may have serious corn hole players among the crowd who'll protest if the board size and placement aren’t regulation.
  6. Underwater Light Show – For poolside parties that entail more lounging than swimming, light up the night with a colorful LED display. While your guests mingle and nosh on appetizers, the pool will be a conversation starter as it’s illuminated with rotating visual displays.LED lights pool lighting pool
  7. Floating Pool Speaker – What good is a pool party without the rockin’ jams? If your outdoor audio system is still a work in progress (or you simply want to be more courteous to the neighbors), opt for a wireless speaker. Plug in an iPod, computer, stereo, or MP3 player and you’re set to go! You can even control the power and volume from the speaker itself.
  8. Light Up Bocce Ball – As the party starts to wear down come nightfall (or starts to pick up, depending on your crowd), wow guests with a light-up game of Playaboule in the yard. Extremely durable and resistant to sand, grit, and water, this bocce ball set will last a lifetime.
  9. Floating Beer Pong – Not just for college kids, beer pong is a rowdy good time for all. You’ll draw plenty of laughs and maybe even claims of sneaky behavior as guests battle it out on opposite sides of a color-changing float.
  10. Pool Volleyball – Perhaps the most popular of aquatic sports, volleyball will bring out your guests’ competitive side as they compete across a 24 foot net. The set is fully adjustable for all ages and skill levels and comes with a hot pink regulation-sized ball. Fun!

A pool party is only as good as its toys, so don’t skimp when it comes to the entertainment aspect of your shindig. By having two to three games or accessories on hand, you’ll invite guests to mingle and break into groups to entertain themselves as you make the rounds and play host. Once you’ve got the snacks, drinks, and games, it’s time to party!


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Tara Kar

Written by Tara Kar

Tara Kar is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Latham’s Canadian Division. Born and raised in one of the country’s most vibrant cities, she realized her passion for anything creative at a young age. From the dramatic arts, to backyard party planning, to Sunday cake decorating, her passion for creating is her driving focus. Recently married, her husband and herself enjoy quality time in their home, which they are renovating to include - you guessed it a pool!

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