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Get Cash Back With Our Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate

  Jan 1, 2018 / by Will Cappiello

2017 Latham Pools Vinyl - New Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate

Replacing your worn vinyl liner with a brand new one gives your swimming pool a clean, fresh look. Now, with our Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate, it also gives you $200! There’s never been a better time to enhance the appearance and ensure the safety of your pool.

Details on the Latham Consumer Rebate Bundle Package

Vinyl liners like our Ultra-Seam® product are very durable and long-lasting. But eventually, even the best liners must be replaced. The same is true of pool safety covers. To maximize their effectiveness, you must replace them periodically.  

We’re now allowing homeowners (consumers only, please) to get cash back when they bundle these two items. When you replace your liner, just add a new mesh or solid safety cover to your order or replace your existing automatic safety cover fabric and we’ll send you $200. It’s that easy to save money on products you will be buying anyway. 

Never Let Your Safety Cover Become Ineffective

While it’s important to replace your vinyl liner as needed, it is even more critical to ensure that your mesh, solid, or automatic safety cover is always in good shape. There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost, your safety cover prevents children and pets from entering the pool by accident or unsupervised.  

Second, your cover keeps dirt and debris out of your pool, which helps minimize the time, effort, and money you put into pool maintenance. Finally, having a cover in place when you’re not using your pool helps prevent heat loss and lowers your energy costs. All the more reason to replace your safety cover under our rebate program!

Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate Request Form and Terms & Conditions

To request your rebate, simply complete and submit the form found here. Please allow 6-8 weeks for the rebate to arrive. 

The following terms and conditions apply: 

  • Offer cannot be combined with any other Latham Pool Products Offer.  
  • Offer is only valid for existing pool owners.  
  • Offer is NOT valid for new pool construction.   
  • Rebate cannot be redeemed within the same calendar year as the pool is constructed.  
  • Renovation rebate can only be redeemed if the homeowner's name matches the invoice and proof of residency.  
  • Offer valid on renovation products installed between 1/1/2018 and 12/31/2018.  
  • Limit one rebate per property.  
  • Offer not valid on Latham Signature branded liners. 
  • Latham Renovation Rebate is a consumer rebate paid directly to the consumer.

Don't Wait. Now Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade

Need some insight on whether your vinyl liner and safety cover need to be replaced? Contact the Latham dealer in your area for assistance.

The Care Lifecycle and Replacement of Vinyl Swimming Pool Liners

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.

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