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3 Top Benefits of a Polymer Wall Swimming Pool

  Jul 8, 2017 / by Will Cappiello

Benefits of  aLatham Polymer Wall Swimming Pool With Vinyl Liner

As the weather is becoming increasingly hot you may find yourself beginning to consider purchasing a swimming pool. Or, perhaps, you are becoming nostalgic for summer and are starting to consider installing one for the coming season. Either way, considering installing a swimming pool for your backyard is ultimately an investment in your home that will provide many positive social and health benefits. As you begin shopping around you may have noticed that there are many options available in what material you can use. If you're of the type to desire an aesthetically pleasing, yet affordable swimming pool then a polymer wall package pool may just be the choice for you. Polymer wall pools are firm in their reliability, yet fun in the options for creativity. 

What exactly is a Package Pool?

A package pool refers to a swimming pool that is either built with steel walls or polymer plastic walls. They are labeled packaged because the buyer (hey, that is you!) begins by choosing from a variety of different parts to assemble and create their own unique swimming pool. These pools belong in the ranks of some of the most elegant and beautiful pools that are highly customizable to the individual.  The pools are your own creation and not some cookie-cutter model that everyone on your block will have.  They are built on a frame of either steel or polymer walls in a specially designed thermal plastic molding process that includes an all-resin structural polymer for strength and durability.

The Benefits of a Polymer Wall Swimming Pool. 

Latham's Exclusive Premier PolymerWall Pools™ have some seriously impressive features that give them the superior edge. They are designed with precision engineering which not only provides them with strength and endurance, but also ensures a smooth finish to the vinyl liner. Polymer Pools are also high strength, meaning for as lightweight and easy to handle as the panels are, they are incredibly sturdy. They are nearly impossible to dent! They are also made of a non-corrosive assembly structure, which is great because every part of the walls, and the support system for the walls, are made up of materials that will not rust, deteriorate, or corrode under normal ground conditions. 

While these are clearly some amazing structural benefits, the fact that these pools arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes are very appealing features to customers. A buyer can allow their creativity to emerge when designing their backyard swimming pool which gives them to take a little extra pride in their unique and customized design. 


Learn more

There is a lot of information regarding Polymer Wall swimming pools. If you're interested in learning more, or are just comparing your options for different swimming pool materials, download our free e-Book Why Choose a Polymer Wall Swimming Pool.  Inside you'll find more benefits of choosing a polymer wall swimming pool, some construction basics, and answers to many of the additional questions that you may have. 

  Why Choose an Inground Polymer Wall Swimming Pool eBook

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.

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