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4 Steps for Creating the Perfect Polymer Pool

  Jul 26, 2017 / by Will Cappiello

Tips for Creating the Perfect Polymer Pool by Latham Pools

Your backyard retreat… you’ve seen it in your mind’s eye for months, years, or even decades. You can picture everything from your family and friends splashing and playing in the pool to the adults enjoying a dinner party beside it. You’re ready to invest in this enhancement to your home that will not only be a great source of fun but may also increase the value of your property. However, you haven’t moved ahead with your plan because you aren’t sure what the building process will be like. Well, hesitate no longer! It’s much easier than you’ve probably imagined.

Installing Your Polymer Pool: It's as Easy as 1-2-3...4

Here are the four steps to turning your backyard into the oasis you’ve envisioned:

  1. Select the pool that fits your lifestyle and your family’s needs. While this step takes some time and consideration, in the end it’s primarily about common sense. Do you have a big family with lots of kids and therefore potentially lots of guests using the pool? Well, then you may need a larger pool to accommodate them. Are you empty nesters who are primarily looking for a place to cool off on hot days and an area for entertaining? Then a smaller pool with a large deck may be the ticket. Like to swim laps? A rectangular shape is generally best for that.
  2. Consider the surrounding area. When you picture your ideal retreat, how much room do you envision needed for landscaping? Is a small deck sufficient, or would you prefer a larger one? Do you want only a pool, or have you thought about a spa? These are important considerations that will affect the size and shape of your polymer pool.
  3. Learn about the installation process. Even before you purchase your pool, you can talk with your Latham representative about what’s involved in having it built. That way you can consider your options for when the installation will take place and know what you need to do to prepare for it.
  4. Work with Latham to pick the perfect pool. Your Latham representative can take all the information you’ve collected and thoughts you’ve jotted down, and help you select the ideal pool for your needs, your budget, and your yard. Once you have a start date and an estimated end date for your project, it’s just a matter of coordinating with the pros as far as access to your yard, etc. They take it from there, and before you know it, your pool is in the ground and being filled.

So, as you can see, there is no reason to be concerned that the polymer pool selection and installation processes are complicated or confusing. A little research, a few conversations, and you’re project is ready for launch!

Why Wait?

You’ve been fantasizing about owning a polymer pool. Stop dreaming and start getting it done! Once you dive into it, you’ll find that the experience is actually interesting and exciting. Have fun, and happy swimming.

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.

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