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6 Weeks to Planning the Perfect Pool Party

  Dec 11, 2015 / by Aaron Steele

shutterstock_266921027There's no party like a pool party, that's for sure! With so many activities to do around and in your pool it can create the perfect atmosphere for your next up-coming party. Giving yourself ample time to plan is key in any successful party.  So, what goes into planning a poolside party? We've created the perfect guide for you to plan a pool party without an hiccups along the way. Click Here to download.

Pool parties can be great for any number of celebrations.  That includes birthdays, baby showers, kids birthday parties, weddings, wedding showers, and so much more.


Inside the "6 Weeks to Planning the Perfect Pool Party" E-Book, you'll find great tips like these:

  • When planning any party, the first thing you need to think about is your theme.  This is a pretty good time to start building a Pinterest board to add your party ideas to.  
  • 6 Pool Party themes included with ideas on invitations, food, drinks and more.
  • Typically, you should send out invitations 3-6 weeks before the date of the party.  This should give your guests ample time to plan on attending. 
  • A great idea to have at a pool party is a continuously available food and drink station.  If your guests are swimming all day, they may need food and drinks available at all times. 
  • Whatever time your party starts, plan on it lasting all day.  Try to make your guests feel extra comfortable by providing anything they may forget to bring with them.

Above all things, maintaining your pool just before your party is important as well. Planning is stresssful enough already, but forgetting to clean up the main attraction could be disasterous. Pool maintenance is easily broken down in a few steps throughout the party planning process. Enjoy your backyard oasis!





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Aaron Steele

Written by Aaron Steele

Aaron is the Digital Marketing Manager for Latham Pool Products. Prior to realizing his dream of working in the swimming pool industry, he spent many years in the software and advertising world as a pixel pusher and script junkie. Aaron is an avid guitar player, weekend novelist, in-home libation manufacturer (aka. Homebrewer) and travel enthusiast. He has lived in exotic locations, climbed Mt. Fuji, swam in the open ocean with sharks, backpacked across Europe, skied the Swiss Alps, dined with the Dalai Lama, survived in a far east jungle for a week with nothing but a poncho and a machete and is currently learning to play the Didgeridoo. All true.