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Advantages of Installing a Swimming Pool During a New Home Build

  Oct 21, 2016 / by Tara Kar

Advantages of Building a Swimming Pool During a New Home Design

Save your landscaping

The home building process can be messy and chaotic. Crew and equipment create  a busy and noisy environment. The same is true when building a pool, but on a smaller scale. Your lawn will endure some wear and tear, as will the landscaping. That’s why having your pool installed before the landscaping — while your yard is nothing but dirt — really is the best option. Your plants will thank you!

Save your driveway and sidewalks

The last thing you want to do is risk cracking your brand new driveway or freshly poured concrete sidewalk under the weight of construction equipment. The homeowner may be held responsible if the sidewalk is damaged, so be sure you are aware of your city and residential rules. To prevent this, schedule your pool to be installed before the driveway and sidewalk are poured, or instruct crewmembers to avoid driving heavy machinery over the concrete. 


So, you’re building a new home? Congrats! Wouldn’t it be great to have a brand-new swimming pool in your backyard, too? (Go ahead — dream big!) Let's begin by discussing the benefits of having your swimming pool installed while your home is being built.

Save on electrician and plumbing costs

Inform the electrician who is working on your new home that a pool is going to be installed so he or she can take steps to make sure the build is seamless and as cost effective and timely as possible. The plumber will also be mindful when installing the necessary hardware to ensure that the home is pool- ready.


Enjoy instant fun

Perhaps the best reason to install a pool during your home build is instant gratification. You can enjoy your new home and new pool at the same time. Why wait if you don’t have to? To learn more about installing a pool during a new home build consider downloading our free eBook.

 Installing a Pool During a New Home Build eBook

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Tara Kar

Written by Tara Kar

Tara Kar is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Latham’s Canadian Division. Born and raised in one of the country’s most vibrant cities, she realized her passion for anything creative at a young age. From the dramatic arts, to backyard party planning, to Sunday cake decorating, her passion for creating is her driving focus. Recently married, her husband and herself enjoy quality time in their home, which they are renovating to include - you guessed it a pool!

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