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What are the Variables Involved in a Pool Quote?

Sep 13, 2017 by Vernon Poolman

You’ve decide to indulge your passion for swimming and install a pool in your backyard. Good choice! The next step is to have a pool installation company give you a quote. This involves an in-home consultation that takes roughly 90 minutes. The contractor will walk around your backyard to assess placement options, and will also consider site access. Then they will discuss their general findings ...

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6 Steps To An Easier Pool Opening In The Spring

Oct 24, 2016 by Vernon Poolman

I know, I know. The end of the swimming season is a depressing time of year. All the great times we had with the pool this year are over, and a long winter looms ahead of us before we will be swimming again. In this frame of mind it’s easy to want to blow through your pool closing and try not to think about it again until spring, but paying just a little more attention to your pool now can make ...

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Winter is Coming! Tips on How to Winterize Your In-Ground or Above Ground Swimming Pool

Oct 3, 2016 by Vernon Poolman

Winter is coming! Winter is coming! Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but unfortunately the swimming season in many areas is drawing to a close. Winter can do some serious damage to an unprotected pool, which is why it is so important to winterize your pool properly. We thought some of you could use a little refresher, so here is a quick outline of the process. Remember that each pool is ...

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