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What Our Canadian Customers Are Saying About Polymer Pools

Jun 7, 2017 by Will Cappiello

It’s safe to say that polymer wall pools have legions of devoted fans wherever they are used. Our customers in Canada, where our pools face some of their most challenging environmental conditions, are particularly vocal. Given the shorter pool season and harsh winters, Canadian pool owners tend to be looking for pool systems that don’t take a lot of time to install and that hold up well no matter ...

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Get Cash Back With Our Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate

May 31, 2017 by Will Cappiello

Replacing your worn vinyl liner with a brand new one gives your swimming pool a clean, fresh look. Now, with our Homeowner Liner and Safety Cover Rebate, it also gives you $200! There’s never been a better time to enhance the appearance and ensure the safety of your pool.

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The Incredible Versatility of "Vinyl Over" Step Technology

May 10, 2017 by Will Cappiello

One of the hottest trends in swimming pool design today is the use of “vinyl over” (VO) technology. In particular, VO steps are soaring in popularity. Homeowners who were growing tired of the look of their steps wanted a way to enhance and customize them. VO now gives them the ability to produce whatever form and function comes to mind — whether it’s their idea or input from a professional pool ...

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