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Inexpensive Ways to Heat Your Swimming Pool - Pool Covers!

  Aug 10, 2015 / by Kevin Losee

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover - rectrangular pool with cover

A backyard pool provides a day-at-the-beach atmosphere and a social hub for your friends and family. That's especially true when you maintain the water at a comfortable and inviting tropical temperature. Heating your pool to the warmth you desire is easy with a gas or electrically operated heat pump. They work day and night to warm your pool, but as with any hardworking device, getting the job done increases your energy costs. Fortunately, automatic pool covers offer simple, yet inexpensive ways to heat your pool to the tropical temperature you love.

The benefits of an automatic pool cover

Pool covers come in a variety of styles and materials. You can customize yours to fit your pool and choose a mesh fabric that allows more sun in to warm your water naturally. You may choose a manual cover, but for greater efficiency and less effort, consider an upgrade to a remote-controlled, automatic system.

Automatic pool covers ease into place or retract with the simple touch of a button. They eliminate the physical labor it takes to cover your pool and they add to your enjoyment by minimizing your overall pool maintenance effort. 

How much does it cost to heat your pool?

If you try to calculate the BTU output, horsepower, and pump specifications of pool heating, it gets pretty complicated. It’s a task that's best left to a pool professional. To explain it simply, the pump that heats your pool water to a comfortable, beach-like temperature must be powerful enough to circulate and warm a continuous stream of water. That takes energy, which can get pretty expensive. 

The Energy.gov page on “Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters” covers basic heat pump size and efficiency details. There’s also a simple chart that illustrates the regional costs of heating a pool and how the costs are significantly reduced when you install a pool cover. For example, if you live in Atlanta, the estimated cost of heating your pool to 80 degrees from April to October is $1,100. With a pool cover installed, the cost dips to $205. 

How does a pool cover reduce costs?

Swimming pool covers are an important key to minimizing several pool-associated expenses. Energy.gov explains these money-saving aspects on its “Swimming Pool Covers” page. 

  • Saves money on pool heating costs - Pool covers help maintain your pool water’s comfortable temperature, which reduces your heat pump’s workload.
  • Reduces evaporation - Heating a pound of water to 80 degrees requires one BTU. When that same pound of 80-degree water evaporates out of your pool, it takes 1,048 BTU of heat with it. Evaporation rates take into account air and pool temperatures, wind speed, humidity, and wind break. Again, it’s complicated, but the bottom line is that evaporation costs you money. An indoor pool has different factors at play, but evaporation is still an issue. A pool cover minimizes indoor pool evaporation and also reduces the need for ventilation.
  • Conserves water - When your pool cover stops water from evaporating, it conserves precious water resources in your area.
  • Reduces chemical use - When your pool cover reduces pool water evaporation, you also reduce the need to add chemicals to the water you replace.
  • Decreases cleaning time - A pool cover keeps dirt, leaves, and other debris out of your pool. You don’t have to clean your pool as often.

Time and money to enjoy your pool

A backyard pool transforms your life into a vacation that never has to end. When you add a pool cover or upgrade to an automatic version, you’ll add extra time, money, and added safety to make your leisure hours even better. 

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Kevin Losee

Written by Kevin Losee

Kevin Losee is the product manager for Automatic Safety Covers for Coverstar, a division of Latham Pool Products. During his 12 years at Coverstar, he has worked as an automatic safety cover installer, operations manager, technical support / order entry manager, and product manager. When not focused on automatic covers, he enjoys tearing up the trail on his mountain bike.

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