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Let the Sun Shine: Why Florida is a Great State for a Latham Pool!

  Jun 8, 2018 / by Mike Fox

Ideal locations for Fiberglass Swimming Pools - FloridaA high-quality swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. From pool parties to lazy days lounging poolside to the potential for an increase in home value, there are many reasons for homes in every state to have a pool installed.

What makes a particular location an ideal place for a pool? We’ll be telling you in a series of posts throughout the year that profile the highlights of each state. First up is Florida, and what a fantastic pool-friendly place to start!

The country’s southeasternmost state, its residents tend to have a deeply ingrained love of the water, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. And the weather? Known as the Sunshine State, Florida has a warm, consistent climate that is practically begging you to take a swim any time of year!

12 Fun Facts About Florida

Here is some interesting information about one of the country’s most dynamic states:

  • Avg. number of sunny days annually: 237. Yes, you can have a splashing good time in a pool on a cloudy day. But, of course, nothing beats fun in the sun. Florida gives you an abundance of that. Source: onlyinyourstate.com/florida/best-weather-fl
  • Avg. summer temperature (June-August): 81.6 degrees. That number strikes us as poolside perfection! Plenty of warmth to make you relish every refreshing dip in your pool.
  • Avg. winter temperature (December-February): 61 degrees. With a little heating in the winter months, you can enjoy your pool all year long in Florida.
  • Avg. lot size: 0.25 acres. That’s plenty of room to place a pool!
  • Avg. cost of home: $200,000. Prices vary greatly by county. The very reasonable housing costs in the state mean property improvements like a pool are easy to afford. Florida Law - Fence Around Swimming Pool
  • Fence vs auto cover: By law, you must have a fence. However, the added safety and operational cost savings sill make an automatic pool cover an excellent option.
  • Avg. temperature of pool: 78-82 degrees in spring and fall, 76-78 degrees in winter. These temperatures are perfect for a quick dip after work or a full day of pool fun on the weekends.
  • Avg. yearly cost of heating a pool in Florida: $1,450 for electrical resistance, $500 for electric heat pump, $580 for natural gas. Pool time is some of the most cost-effective leisure time there is. These yearly costs are nothing compared to other large leisure investments, yet they give the same amount of fun for all of your family and friends (if not more). Source: fsec.ucf.edu
  • Avg. temperature of oceans in July: Atlantic – 82.6 degrees, Gulf of Mexico – 86.2 degrees. No doubt, you’ll still want to get to the beach periodically. But, how incredible it is to have water fun in a sparkling pool right outside your door!

  • Most popular landscaping: African Lily, Caladiums, Cannas, Blood Lily, Elephant’s Ear, Walking Iris, Peacock Iris, Spider Lily, Pineapple Guava tree, Palm Trees, Firebush, Autumn Fern and ZZ Plant. If you’ve ever been to Florida (or just seen pictures), you know that the plant life is amazing. Enhancing your pool area with some fabulous flora is a must!


Get Started on Your Pool Project in Any State

Florida is wonderful for pool lovers. But so is every state! When you’re ready to get started on your pool installation or renovation project, or need products or services for your existing pool, your nearby Latham dealer is ready to help. Contact them today.

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Mike Fox

Written by Mike Fox

Mike has been in the Pool Industry and with Latham Pool Products for over 11 years. Prior to coming to Latham, his professional career was with Anderson and General Electric (GE) in Finance and Strategy. Mike has two sons, has coached many years of baseball, but now enjoys watching them with a nice IPA.

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