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Small Polymer Pool Design Changes That Make a Big Impact

  Apr 5, 2017 / by Will Cappiello

Spa overflowing into Polymer pool and rock waterfall design

When your time and resources allow for it, making large, wholesale design changes to your polymer-wall swimming pool and deck area can be a lot of fun and produce incredible results. However, you don’t need to take on a complete overhaul to give your pool a new look and feel. In fact, there are many relatively small design changes that can make a big impact.

Polymer Pool Updates that Provide Tremendous Bang for Your Buck

One of the great things about being a pool owner is that you get to be designer-in-chief as well. When you start to get the itch to update your pool, here are some enhancements you can make that will give your pool area an entirely new feel: 

  • Change your liner - When your vinyl pool liner is ready for replacement, you have a wide variety of options. For example, if your current liner is a solid color, there are now a multitude of designer patterns to choose from. Going with a more textured look can create a beautiful sense of depth and dimension in your pool. And with Ultra-Seam liners, there’s no annoying seam line to distract from the look.
  • Add a tanning ledge - Tanning ledges are a popular add-on that give pool users a perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunshine. And in polymer pools, the ledge is typically within the pool itself, as opposed to fiberglass pools where the ledge often sits above the water level.
  • Build an adjoining spa - In many cases, adding a spa is a much smaller project than you might expect. If you’ve got the space for it, much of the infrastructure is already in place to support your pool. Adding a spa can give your pool area a luxurious resort feel.
  • Install a fire pit - There is just something about that fire/water combo that is very appealing. A fire pit can be a fairly simple addition that really enhances the look of your pool deck and makes it a more multi-purpose, year-round space.
  • Add water features - Even just a few simple waterspouts can create a dramatic change in a pool’s appearance. And the soothing sound of splashing water is a great addition as well. If you choose to go further and incorporate waterfalls or other features, the change will be even more pronounced.

Costs, Timing, and Other Considerations

Now, of course, even small changes require a financial commitment, so you’ll want to have a budget in mind and consider your financing options as you start researching enhancements. You’ll also need to keep in mind that a contractor may be free to start your project immediately, or they may have a backlog of work, depending on when you approach them. But once you have all your ducks in a row, you can look forward to seeing your pool transformed with just some simple additions. 

What’s the Next Step in Your Pool’s Evolution?

Interested in enhancing your pool but wanting some guidance? We’re happy to share insights gained from our work with thousands of clients. Contact us today. We’re here for all your swimming pool needs.

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.

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