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Top 5 Reasons To Choose A Fiberglass Pool

  Oct 12, 2016 / by Aquarian Pools & Spas

Backyard freeform pool

Swimming pools come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Before you install, you will need to choose a construction material. A fiberglass pool is a great choice for any family. Here are 5 reasons to choose a fiberglass pool for your backyard.


1) Warranty

Most people purchase only one pool in their lifetime, so you want to ensure that you choose a pool that will last. Many fiberglass pool manufacturers offer a Lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that maintenance issues will be taken care of.

2) Design Innovation

From simple to out of this world, you will find an array of designs from sleek rectangles to free form pools with tanning ledges, entry stairs and in-pool sitting benches. Fiberglass spas and tanning ledges can be added to the pool to create a waterscape oasis in your backyard. Your pool can truly be your own custom design with these, as well as many other options to choose from.

3) Long Lasting

Concrete pools need to be resurfaced every 7-10 years and can be costly to have done.  Vinyl liner pools will need to have the liner replaced every 10-12 years. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, do not need resurfacing.

4) Install Time

 Fiberglass and vinyl pool installations are completed in 2-4 weeks, while a concrete/gunite pool can take months to complete.

5) Price

A fiberglass pool installation will give the buyer a lifetime of value at a price less than a concrete/gunite pool.  You and your family will also see lower maintenance costs over the life of your pool ownership.


Trilogy - Gemini Vega - Pools of Fun - Brownsburg IN 2014 with Tanning ledge


If you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, contact Aquarian Pools & Spas today to learn about their products and services. Otherwise, find a dealer near you!


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Written by Aquarian Pools & Spas

Aquarian Pools & Spas started as a pool building and concrete finishing company in the greater Cincinnati area over 31 years ago. We are proud to have grown into a business that now includes a 9500 sq. ft. retail facility. Our inground pool design area features three inground pools, Cal Spas, Emerald Spas, Weber BBQ grills, outdoor patio furniture, along with all the swimming pool supplies needed to keep your pool working properly and looking great. We have grown through the years, but still maintain the family business atmosphere by having three generations of the family and a great group of employees working within the company. At Aquarian Pool & Spas we are here 12 months a year to help with our customers needs. When other swimming pool retailers shut down for the winter we stay open to assist with your needs.

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