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Create a Unique Look for Your Custom Swimming Pool

  Feb 16, 2015 / by Aaron Steele


Deciding on a swimming pool design is always the starting point of any pool construction. Designs for a swimming pool vary, and owners can choose from classic, custom, freeform, and rectangle. They should consider a number of factors, such as the theme of their home, safety and ease of maintenance before making their final choice. 

Here are some tips to help owners decide on the perfect swimming pool design for their homes.

Browse through magazines and books that specialize in designs of residential swimming pools. This will give you ideas for exterior and interior design, architecture and residential landscaping. 

  • Look online, Pinterest, Google Images, Houzz, dealer galleries, etc.
  • Contact your local dealer or a manufacturer for a pool brochure
  • Tour upscale neighborhoods that have houses with interesting swimming pool designs. Even a glimpse of one of these pools may give you an idea of what a unique pool design could be like.
  • You could also take note of any pool landscaping ideas to maximize the design.
  • You will also need to work out how you want to utilize your pool, be it for simple lounging around, swimming laps or floating on a rubber raft. The poolside design also depends on whether you will be using it for entertaining or just as an area for your kids to play in.

Finally, once you’ve gathered enough design ideas, keep information such as sketches, photos and additional notes on a file or binder for easy reference. A binder is more advisable, as it allows you to remove and place pages or even rearrange items without ripping anything out. This simple step would truly help you find the right pool for you and your family.

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Aaron Steele

Written by Aaron Steele

Aaron is the Digital Marketing Manager for Latham Pool Products. Prior to realizing his dream of working in the swimming pool industry, he spent many years in the software and advertising world as a pixel pusher and script junkie. Aaron is an avid guitar player, weekend novelist, in-home libation manufacturer (aka. Homebrewer) and travel enthusiast. He has lived in exotic locations, climbed Mt. Fuji, swam in the open ocean with sharks, backpacked across Europe, skied the Swiss Alps, dined with the Dalai Lama, survived in a far east jungle for a week with nothing but a poncho and a machete and is currently learning to play the Didgeridoo. All true.