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What Our Canadian Customers Are Saying About Polymer Pools

  Jun 7, 2017 / by Will Cappiello

Polymer Wall Swimming Pools by Latham  in Canada

It’s safe to say that polymer wall pools have legions of devoted fans wherever they are used. Our customers in Canada, where our pools face some of their most challenging environmental conditions, are particularly vocal. Given the shorter pool season and harsh winters, Canadian pool owners tend to be looking for pool systems that don’t take a lot of time to install and that hold up well no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

 What Canadian Customers Love About Polymer Pools

While their praise of polymer pools covers many aspects, the comments we receive often fall into these areas:

  • Ability to create custom designs. Polymer pools are almost infinitely customizable. Our customers love that they are not forced to select from a set of standard designs, but can instead come up with a shape that perfectly matches their tastes and preferences, and the space available for the pool. If you can envision your dream pool, it can probably be built.
  • Ease of installation. This is a comment we hear both from customers and installers. Customers are thrilled with how quickly a polymer pool can be built. Installers are appreciative that polymer panels, despite being incredibly strong, are much lighter than steel panels and snap into alignment very easily. In addition, polymer panels do not have sharp edges that can be present on other panels, which allows crews to handle them more quickly without worrying about the potential for injury.
  • Great looks. Steel wall pools have set a high standard for the appearance of this type of construction. What our customers have found is that polymer pools are just as visually appealing as their metal mates.
  • High quality. While a good steel panel will resist corrosion for a long time, polymer panels will not rust, ever. They can’t, of course, as they contain no metal. This can be especially critical on Canada’s east and west coasts, where salty sea air takes its toll on anything made of metal. One specific application where using corrosion-free panels can save headaches later is in indoor pools. These pools are expected to last as long as the house itself does and are built with no easy way to remove or replace them. If a steel wall pool ultimately begins to rust, this can pose problems. The rust-free nature of polymer is also helpful with saltwater pools for the same reasons mentioned for pools in coastal climates.
  • Incredible durability. Polymer pools use both polymer panels and a polymer bracing system. The structural integrity of a pool’s braces is critical because if a support fails, the pool wall will warp inward or bow outward. Failures are exceedingly rare with polymer braces. The braces in a polymer pool are also designed to support the pool deck, which is a bonus. This helps prevent cracking and settling of concrete pool decks.

Helping Customers Everywhere Create Their Polymer Pool Paradise

If you’re wondering if a polymer wall pool is right for you, we’re happy to share our insights. Contact the Latham dealer in your area today. With a polymer pool, you can be swimming in weeks and enjoying hassle-free pool seasons for decades to come.

 Why Choose an Inground Polymer Wall Swimming Pool eBook

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.

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