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6 Reasons to Protect Your Pool with a Safety Cover

  Sep 11, 2018 / by Brooke Mathis

automatic safety pool cover in the fall

When autumn arrives and it’s time to say goodbye to summer, there are two key questions swimming pool owners have to answer: When to cover the pool and How to cover the pool. The first decision is made based on how comfortable you and your family are swimming in falling temperatures and also how much you want to spend on heating your pool as it begins losing heat more rapidly.

The answer to the second question is either “with a winter cover” or “with a safety cover.” A winter cover is essentially a large tarp that gets placed over the pool with its primary purpose being to keep dirt and debris out of the pool while it is not in use.

pool cover closing in the fallA safety cover is a sturdy piece of material that, like a winter cover, is placed over the pool to keep it clean and make opening the pool in the spring much easier. However, a safety cover is different from a winter cover in that it has a breakthrough strength typically exceeding 4,000 lbs. That’s approximately the weight of a small SUV. The cover is secured over the pool rather than simply being held in place by water-filled bags or other measures like a winter cover.

Why a Safety Cover Makes Sense

There are a number of reasons you should use a safety cover when you close your pool for the season. They include:

  1. Access control. A safety cover prevents children and pets from gaining access to your pool.

  2. Protection of the pool. Having a safety cover in place keeps dirt and debris out, which protects the pool from damage and makes opening it in the spring much easier.

  3. Neat appearance. Safety covers look neat and “finished” when secured in place. You’ll be seeing the cover all winter, so appearance matters.

  4. Excellent fit. A safety cover can be made to fit features like raised walls, spas, or waterfalls.

  5. Durability. A safety cover is strong and durable, and will provide many years of service.

  6. Cost-effectiveness. While a safety cover will cost more than a simple winter cover, the many benefits make it a smart choice.

Solid, Mesh, or Automatic Safety Cover: Many Ways to Protect Your Pool


Safety covers come in three main types: Solid, Mesh, and Automatic. A solid safety cover keeps debris, water, and light out of the pool. A mesh safety cover keeps out debris, but allows water and some light to pass through. Those types are installed and removed manually, usually in the Fall and Spring. An automatic safety cover is permanently installed on a track system and is opened and closed using a key switch or touch pad.

If you have questions about what type of cover is right for you, your local Latham dealer is happy to answer them and help you make your selection. Get in touch today so your pool is ready for the winter ahead!

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Topics: Automatic Covers, Pool Maintenance, Safety Covers, Inground Pools

Brooke Mathis

Written by Brooke Mathis

Brooke Mathis is the Marketing Communications Specialist for Latham Pool Products. With over 19 years of experience in the auto cover industry, she has worn many hats, which include sales, accounting, marketing, project manager, technical writer and event coordinator. She’s a musician, loves animals, roller derby and anything 80’s. Her passion and dedication towards this industry has helped her develop a life-long career.