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Design Your Dream Pool: Inspiring Ideas To Get Creative Juices Flowing

  Jul 19, 2017 / by Charlotte Fiberglass Pools

Charlotte Fiberglass Luxurious Swimming Pools Dreambook 

It’s a scene you’ve pictured in your mind’s eye for months or even years: family and friends swimming and playing in your gorgeous fiberglass pool on a long, hot summer day, followed by a wonderful evening of dining and relaxing poolside. But as you start to get serious about turning that dream into reality, you find yourself struggling with the specifics of the project. If you’re like most people, all it takes is a little inspiration to get you past that indecision and kick your pool implementation into high gear. Our latest Luxurious Swimming Pools Dreambook - Charlotte Edition is just what you need!

Picture Your Version of Paradise

As you page through the guide you’ll see real-life examples of how people like you crafted their unique backyard retreats by combining a wide range of features, including:

Designer shapes

From fully free-form to classic kidney, there’s a fiberglass pool design to fit every preference and perfectly utilize any amount of backyard space.


Dynamic decks

How much area do you need around the pool for sunbathing or entertaining? And what type of deck finish will produce the look you want? We provide examples from across the spectrum.


Beautiful pool surfaces

The color and pattern of the finish you choose will have a major impact on the look of your pool. Light and bright, deep and dramatic, or somewhere in between… it’s entirely up to you!

Charlotte Luxurious Pools Ebook


Resort-style add-ons

Jets, bubblers, and other water features can make you and your guests feel like you’ve been transported to a five-star resort.


Lovely lighting

Wondering what your pool can look like at night? We show you how well-placed lighting can add an air of elegance to an already gorgeous pool.


Now’s the Time to Take Action

Whether you’re looking to have your pool installed as soon as possible or down the road a bit, there’s no time like the present to gather your thoughts about how you want all the elements to come together to create your ideal oasis. Download the Charlotte Fiberglass Luxurious Swimming Pools guide today and don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer if you have questions about how to get started on your pool project.


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Charlotte Fiberglass Pools

Written by Charlotte Fiberglass Pools

With over 25 years experience in the swimming pool industry, family owned and operated, Charlotte Fiberglass brings the best to our customers from start to finish as Charlotte’s premier Fiberglass Pool Company. The premium fiberglass pools installed in the Charlotte market by Charlotte Fiberglass Pools, are the strongest and most durable pools in the industry. Take a look at many of our inground pool models then email us for a freeon-site proposal.

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