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Create A Romantic Backyard Pool Area in 3 Steps

  Feb 11, 2021 / by Jeremy Miller

How to create a romantic backyard pool areaAs a homeowner, you’ve probably come to terms with the fact that your pool remodeling ideas only reach as far as your budget. And really, the same is true for any remodeling project. If a romantic ambiance is what you desire, rest assured you won’t have to spend your life savings on the backyard. Here are three ways to recreate the outdoor vibe - number one being most expensive and number three the least.

1. Think structurally

If the bank account allows, consider building a spa to complement your custom inground pool. Nothing says romance more than cozying up with your significant other and some bubbles (in the water and in your champagne flutes). Spas are ideal for entertaining—especially in the winter months when it’s too cold to take a dip at night.

If you’re in the process of building a pool, consider a beautiful waterfall that not only adds aesthetic value, but is functional as well. Imagine listening to the calming cascades of water as you sip wine under the grotto long after the children have gone to bed. If you think it’s impossible to add a waterfall to an existing pool structure, think again. Venture outside the box with a stone waterfall wall surrounded by decorative rocks and potted plants.

Stunning backyard swimming pool with deck jets, led lighting and a spa

2. Next up: custom pool features

Once you’ve identified what you’d like to change or add to your existing pool, think about its individual features. A simple lighting change, for example, can alter the entire atmosphere of your backyard. Here are some romantic ideas:

  • LED lights: From mesmerizing color-changing hues to floating orbs, LED lights are a great way to enhance your pool remodel ideas. Experts say the most romantic color is (you guessed it) red—the color of love. Light blue and purple are softer colors that also work well in and around water.
  • Jets: Create a beautiful display of arches or waterfalls with single jets or bubblers. Incorporate LED lights for added visual appeal.
  • Fountains: Not quite a waterfall, not quite a jet, a pool fountain can be the finishing touch to your dream yard. Statues, rock formations, floating fountains—the possibilities are endless.
Mediterranean style swimming pool with firepit

3. Transform the patio

A built-in outdoor fireplace can serve as the perfect setting for a staycation or domestic date night. Talk to a contractor about constructing a stone wall fireplace near the pool or simply research the best pre-built units to complete the look and feel of your outdoor oasis. For the modest DIY approach, peruse Pinterest’s numerous tutorials on outdoor fire pits—many of which can be built for less than $100. Bundling up in the backyard with blankets and s’mores can be just as enchanting!

No need for a fireplace? Spruce up your deck or patio by envisioning your dream yard and then updating one or two features at a time. For example, replace bulky, uncomfortable patio furniture with outdoor Papasan chairs complete with throw pillows and blankets. Ditch the decorative candles you’ll never burn in favor of painted lanterns in a soft yellow or green. Transform one area of the yard into a cozy nook—perhaps it’s off the patio and onto the grass with an oversized hammock, twinkle lights, and an outdoor library.

Turning your pool remodel ideas into a romantic backyard retreat is as easy as one, two, three. Perhaps your pool is perfect as it stands now and you’re simply eager to redesign its surrounding features. From DIY projects to the professional guidance of a pool builder or landscape designer, your dream yard isn’t too far from reality.


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Jeremy Miller

Written by Jeremy Miller

Jeremy is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Latham. He loves working within a company that has a strong culture built on camaraderie and revolutionizing the industry.