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Customize Your Own Fiberglass Pool: Coloring Book

  May 15, 2017 / by Mike Fox

Fiberglass Waterfall

When you think of swimming pools, images of fun-filled days splashing around with family and friends come to mind. But when it comes to designing a pool, and evaluating all the options and designs you could select, it is easy to see why many become overwhelmed and stressed.

To take some of the mystery and frustration out of the process, we have come up with a creative solution, one that we’re very excited about.

A coloring book.

Now before you laugh this off or think this is just for kids, let us explain.


De-stress the Process

Why not tap into the “child within” and relive those fun-filled years when, as a kid, you let your imagination run wild and a box of crayons was your guide. Our coloring book will destress the process and make designing a pool not only fun, but informative. Include your children with coloring, and they will feel like they are part of this exciting journey and have a voice in the creative process.

New Way to Learn

For most of us, a fresh perspective can be a game changer. Our coloring book will enable you to see the available options in a new light, and in a manner of speaking, with a fresh set of eyes. Maybe coloring one of the many pool shapes we offer will spark an idea for a custom design that will unleash your backyard’s potential. Perhaps selecting a red crayon while coloring in a mosaic design will give you an “Aha!” moment so you add stairs along with water jets. Or as a family, while choosing a hue of blue for your pool, the topic of water safety comes up, giving you a teachable moment with your children.

The Greatest Question

Last but not least, our coloring book will usher in the question that is the genesis of most creations: ”What if…”

Since coloring will “destress the process,” which in turn will help open up a new way of thinking and learning, it will allow you and your family to brainstorm on ideas not considered before. Maybe you will realize you want to have a theme, so you decide to create a Polynesian Paradise, complete with water falls, mosaic tiled turtles, and lighting that will make your nighttime swims feel like they are in the South Pacific. Or maybe you will decide that Mom needs a spa, the kids need a slide, while Dad needs a pool that is easy to maintain and keep safe.

Get Started

To begin coloring a swimming pool that will be uniquely yours, download our free e-book, or should I say, coloring book by clicking here or on the image below!

 Latham Fiberglass Pool Coloring Book

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Mike Fox

Written by Mike Fox

Mike has been in the Pool Industry and with Latham Pool Products for over 11 years. Prior to coming to Latham, his professional career was with Anderson and General Electric (GE) in Finance and Strategy. Mike has two sons, has coached many years of baseball, but now enjoys watching them with a nice IPA.

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