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The Fiberglass Era is Here - Get Out Of The Stone Age!

  Feb 17, 2017 / by Mike Fox

Get Out of the Stone Age!

You may be wondering, "What does this even mean?" Get out of the Stone Age is a simple call to consumers who are stuck in the old mindset that the swimming pool industry hasn't made advancements since our grandparents installed their pool 40 years ago.  The fact is, the swimming pool industry has come a long way and there are technologies available today that are superior and surpass our wildest expectations. And we should know, we've been in the pool business for 50 years!

With all the misconceptions about modern pools, we want to make sure you are well informed and educated on the latest advancements in the swimming pool industry -- advancements that give you a variety of contemporary, low maintenance options, when choosing a pool.

We want to let you in on all of the secrets that will enable you to spend less time working on your pool ... and more time enjoying it!

The Modern Swimming Pool Era Starts Now!

The end result of any type of pool installation is a beautiful escape for the new owner, however, once you research what modern materials and manufacturing techniques are available, we think you will quickly come to the conclusion that modern fiberglass pools are the smartest option.  While you're getting out of that old back yard or replacing unused playground equipment with new entertainment, you'll want to buy a pool that will launch you into the next era. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience if you decide to get out of the stone age with a Latham Fiberglass Pool:get out of the stone age fiberglass pool benefits - freeform pool with spa

  • Strength and Durability. We are so confident in our top-of-the-line materials that every Latham Fiberglass pool includes a lifetime structural warranty.

  • Save Time and Money. By nature, fiberglass pools have a smooth surface that makes maintenance simple and hinders algae growth. So, you will spend less time cleaning and save by using fewer harsh chemicals.

  • Design Freedom. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes as well as endless design customization options and additional features.

  • Fewer repairs needed. Unlike concrete, fiberglass pools will not require special attention for cracks, patching or resurfacing. There is also no liner to replace, so any repairs that do come up are often quick and easy. 

Welcome your family to the new generation of pools -- and leave the back yard stone age behind. 

See For Yourself

If ease of ownership is at the top of your pool-building priority list, you won't want to ignore this opportunity. Learn more by clicking the image below and find a fiberglass pool dealer near you!

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Mike Fox

Written by Mike Fox

Mike has been in the Pool Industry and with Latham Pool Products for over 11 years. Prior to coming to Latham, his professional career was with Anderson and General Electric (GE) in Finance and Strategy. Mike has two sons, has coached many years of baseball, but now enjoys watching them with a nice IPA.