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The Important Role of an Automatic Pool Safety Cover

  Sep 1, 2017 / by Kevin Losee


The statistics don’t lie. With an average of 10 deaths a day by accidental drowning in the USA it is up to everyone who owns a swimming pool to be aware of the steps they can take to help try and prevent these needless deaths. Even though there are over 80 million residential swimming pools in the USA and these numbers represent a minuscule fraction of the people that swim in them; our goal and yours as a pool owner should be to get this average amount of daily accidental drownings down to zero.

When People are using your pool

When there are people in the pool it is up to you and the supervising adults to keep a close eye on the children. If you are having a pool party don’t just invite the kids invite their parents too; the more eyes watching the better. Establish a firm set of rules for your pool that everyone clearly understands and are strictly followed. Adults who are watching children and teens should not drink too much alcohol or find themselves easily distracted.

When the pool is unattended

For those times when your swimming pool is unattended, that is where safety devices become very important. You cannot possibly be in your backyard at all times to keep an eye on your swimming pool so something else has to go to work for you, keeping your swimming pool safe. Safety devices such as fences with self-latching and locking gates will help keep people and pets out of your swimming pool area. Other safety devices such as pool cameras, safety covers, retractable pool safety covers, pool alarms and door and gate alarms will all contribute in one way or another to your swimming pools safety.

Our Most Recommended Swimming Pool Safety Device

It must always be noted that no matter how simple or inexpensive a swimming pool safety device is; any safety device is better than no safety device at all. With that being said, there is one swimming pool safety device that we recommend above all others and that would be an automatic pool safety cover.

Why is an automatic pool safety cover our most recommended safety device for every inground pool owner to have? The level of safety it provides is the first and most important reason; when one of these is covering a swimming pool it forms what is known as an ‘isolation barrier’ because it restricts entry into the pool water from all sides of the pool.

There are other benefits of using a safety cover too. There is no type of cover that is more convenient to put on and take off of a swimming pool; with just the simple activation of a switch the motorized pool cover will roll on and off your swimming pool in less than 60 seconds. They also will save a homeowner on chemicals, on pool water usage and on energy bills if the pool is heated to extend the swimming season. They simply offer a lot of advantages to any swimming pool owner.

So as a pool owner we urge you to be attentive and disciplined when people are swimming in your pool and to add one or more of these recommended safety devices for use when your swimming pool is left unattended. 


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Kevin Losee

Written by Kevin Losee

Kevin Losee is the product manager for Automatic Safety Covers for Coverstar, a division of Latham Pool Products. During his 12 years at Coverstar, he has worked as an automatic safety cover installer, operations manager, technical support / order entry manager, and product manager. When not focused on automatic covers, he enjoys tearing up the trail on his mountain bike.