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The Incredible Versatility of "Vinyl Over" Step Technology

  May 10, 2017 / by Will Cappiello

Latham Pools Vinyl Over Steps

One of the hottest trends in swimming pool design today is the use of “vinyl over” (VO) technology. In particular, VO steps are soaring in popularity. Homeowners who were growing tired of the look of their steps wanted a way to enhance and customize them. VO now gives them the ability to produce whatever form and function comes to mind — whether it’s their idea or input from a professional pool designer. The VO process works with virtually any type of pool structure including steel, polymer, fiberglass, or concrete.

A VO approach can also be used with design features like:

* Tanning ledges

* Play “islands” for kids

* Swim-up bar and bar stool seating

* Swim out ledges

Benefits of Vinyl Over Steps

There are many advantages to using the vinyl over technique for your swimming pool steps. As mentioned above, they allow for an almost unlimited range of customization options, all of which produce a beautiful, uninterrupted liner finish. Many compare it to the look of gunite pools. There is an array of colors and patterns available to enhance any design.

Latham Pools Vinyl Over Steps

The vinyl used in VO applications is exceptionally strong and durable, providing years and years of use. And given that VO projects can be surprisingly affordable and can enhance the appeal of your pool, they deliver outstanding value.

Great Grip With Tread-Tex

Tread-Tex is an innovative material that provides enhanced traction in key areas of your pool. Especially beneficial on steps, it produces reassuring grip to people entering or exiting the pool. While it can’t guarantee no slips, when it comes to the confidence of your pool users, Tread-Tex delivers.

The Ever-Evolving Pool

One of the great things about VO updates or additions is that they can be made at any time. No need to worry that you’ll realize after the fact that your initial pool design didn’t include the kind of steps that make sense for your family. You can always design and implement changes. This allows your pool to evolve as your needs evolve — from having small kids at home, to being an empty nester, to having aging parents move in with you.

Picture the Perfect Vinyl Over Steps

If the “vinyl over” steps concept is new to you, we’re happy to tell you more about it and talk about how it can be used to enhance your pool. If you know exactly what you want, we can help there, too! Either way, reach out to the Latham dealer in your area today and let’s make plans to turn your dream pool entryway or other feature into reality.

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Will Cappiello

Written by Will Cappiello

Will Cappiello is the Product Director at Latham Pool Products. He loves working for Latham, the Largest Swimming Pool Manufacturer in North America.