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What's New From Latham in 2018?

  Jan 18, 2018 / by Jeremy Miller

New For Latham 2018 - pool lit at night

You’ve flipped your calendar over to January, and while it may be cold now, in just a few months we’ll have warmer temperatures and pool owners everywhere will be gearing up for another awesome summer of enjoying their beautiful swimming pool from leaders like Blue Hawaiian, Kafko, Trilogy, and Viking.  At Latham, we’re just as excited for spring and summer as you are, especially since we’ve got plenty of news to share.

The Latest From Latham

Here are some new developments for 2018 that we are pleased to announce:

  • New for 2018: the Latham fiberglass cocktail pool! Measuring 10’x16’, this pool is the perfect blend of pool and spa features. It’s a great backdrop for outdoor entertaining, and if guests choose to take a dip, it has benches lining three of the four walls so they can sit, sip, and savor a wonderful summer evening.
  • Introducing the Latham Pearlscape™ Collection. The newest addition to our extensive line of designer vinyl liner patterns, this collection has iridescent inks that create a luminous shimmer and sparkle in a pool. The liners are made from the best vinyl material available, and are treated to resist algae/bacteria growth and protect against UV rays for long life. These new designer patterns are expected to be a rising trend in the year ahead.
  • Consumer Liner/Safety Cover Rebate. There are many reasons to purchase a new liner and a safety cover at the same time. Our $200 Liner/Safety Cover Rebate is one of them! Contact us to learn more about this great opportunity to save while improving the look and safety of your pool.
  • More pool owners will experience Ultra-Seam®. We call them “the strongest seams you’ll never see!” With over 500,000 liners installed, Latham will continue to set the standard in the industry with our exclusive patent pending Ultra-Seam® technology. This innovative liner seaming technology not only provides stronger seams, it also produces a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance that standard RF welding technology simply cannot achieve. 

  • New automatic safety cover factory in Indianapolis. Due to the growing awareness of pool owners about the many benefits of automatic safety covers, we will be moving to a new 100,000 sq ft factory in Indianapolis in 2018. More than twice the size of our current space, the new facility will include a state-of-the art 5,000 sq ft training room that will be used for, among other things, hands-on instruction for dealers on all aspects of our automatic cover systems. 

2018 is Going to be Epic!

From fantastic new products to money-saving incentives, 2018 promises to be an outstanding year for pool owners. Eager to get started on your new pool installation or existing pool renovation, or to purchase add-ons for your pool? Talk with the Latham dealer near you today.

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Jeremy Miller

Written by Jeremy Miller

Jeremy is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Latham. He loves working within a company that has a strong culture built on camaraderie and revolutionizing the industry.