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Why You Should Ask Santa for A Swimming Pool This Year

  Nov 30, 2018 / by Jeremy Miller

When I was a kid, my family would watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every holiday season. If you’re familiar with the film, you likely remember all of the hilarious holiday hijinks. You might also remember one of the subplots of the film was that Clark Griswold was holding out for a Christmas bonus so that he could afford to buy a swimming pool.
There’s a scene where Clark stares out his frosted window to the tune of Bing Crosby's "Mele Kalikimaka”, imagining his whole family having fun around the new pool. That was the big Christmas present Clark wanted for his family. Sure, the latest tech gadgets or jewelry or toys are fine gifts, but nothing compares to the excitement of looking forward to having a swimming pool installed in the spring and ready for fun when summer arrives.

Gather with Friends and Family 

For starters, a swimming pool is an ideal spot for entertaining. Have your friends over for a daytime pool party. Host a cookout everyone will be talking about all summer. And after the sun goes down, a swimming pool makes a delightful setting for a small dinner with a few friends or a full-blown cocktail party.
People bond around swimming pools. I personally have fond memories of Fourth of July cookouts and family reunions around my grandmother's pool. I remember pool games with my brother and our cousins, playing sharks and minnows in the deep end or competing to see who could hold their breath underwater for the longest time. These are memories that last a life time.

Get Some Exercise 

There are health benefits to owning a pool too. Everybody knows swimming laps is great exercise. Just look at how trim and svelte Olympic swimmers are. Don't forget about aqua aerobics. Even just splashing around with the kids can burn calories and increase your fitness. And while a treadmill or weight bench might end up in a closet or under a bed, the pool will always be out there, beckoning you outside for some activity.


Swimming pools are also smart investments. An out-of-town vacation can be really expensive and sometimes even stressful. Instead, with a little planning, a “staycation” around your backyard oasis can create just as many memories and be more cost effective. And, not only is a pool a lot of fun, in some cases it increases the value of your home. Talk about return on investment!
If you're already a pool owner, you're well aware of all the benefits of having a pool. You also know that accessories for your pool make great stocking stuffers. Perhaps you want to put more seating or a cabana poolside. Or maybe you love your pool so much you'd like to add a relaxing, rejuvenating spa to your outdoor space. 
If you want to give a gift with a pool theme this year, the elves at Latham's workshops can help. 

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Jeremy Miller

Written by Jeremy Miller

Jeremy is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for Latham. He loves working within a company that has a strong culture built on camaraderie and revolutionizing the industry.