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Customize Your Own Fiberglass Pool: Coloring Book

May 15, 2017 by Mike Fox

When you think of swimming pools, images of fun-filled days splashing around with family and friends come to mind. But when it comes to designing a pool, and evaluating all the options and designs you could select, it is easy to see why many become overwhelmed and stressed.

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Concrete Pools are a Lot of Work. Fiberglass Pools are a Lot of Play.

Mar 22, 2017 by Mike Fox

For most people, the whole point of buying an in-ground backyard pool is to relax in it. But compared to fiberglass pool owners, people with concrete pools spend a lot more time and money on maintenance. Read on for a quick comparison.

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What's the Easiest Type of Pool to Own and Maintain?

Feb 22, 2017 by Mike Fox

While there are pros and cons to every type of swimming pool construction, it would be hard to argue that any kind of pool could compete with fiberglass when it comes to ease of ownership and maintenance. From installation that can be completed in just 3-5 days in many cases, to a surface that stubbornly resists algae, there are many reasons that fiberglass pool owners are glad they made the ...

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