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Will My Automatic Pool Cover Fabric Brave the Elements?

Nov 6, 2015 by Sean Miner

It’s a beautiful sunny morning; you put some cream in your coffee, pick it up, and then casually stroll over to the sliding glass doors in your bathrobe to look out at your new swimming pool with its automatic pool cover rolled on top of it. You were expecting to see the pool nicely complementing your backyard, but instead you are shocked by all the pine needles on the walk deck and the pool cover.

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Swimming Pools and Coffee Lids

Apr 8, 2015 by Sean Miner

Imagine sitting by your new pool, sipping your morning cup of coffee. As you think about tanning on the pool deck or going for a dip later in the day, a number of similarities between your coffee and pool might come to mind. You want to keep both your pool and your mug hot and full. What you need is a top for each -- a lid for your mug and a safety cover for your pool.

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