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Multiple Layers of Protection Help Keep Your Swimming Pool Safe

  Feb 1, 2016 / by Kevin Losee


When pool experts like us here at Latham Products talk about the best way to keep your swimming pool safe you will hear us refer to the words ‘multiple layers of protection’ several times. This is because no one swimming pool safety device is perfect at keeping your backyard pool as safe as it could be. When you add another safety device to an existing one you already have in place, then it adds another layer of swimming pool safety protection and can only further increase the overall safety of your backyard swimming pool.

Think of it this way; if you have one security guard watching over your swimming pool area you feel pretty good about things but if you have a second security guard watching also you are now very confident that your pool area is extremely secure. Safety devices for swimming pools work much the same way and each one you add provides a higher level of safety for your pool area. Here are some examples of commonly used swimming pool safety devices and the level of safety that each provides:

  • Approved Fencing with self-latching and self-locking gates – excellent at keeping out young children and medium to large animals from your swimming pool area
  • Pool Alarms – these can alert you to unauthorized entry into the swimming pool or surrounding pool area; some work better than others
  • Pool Watchdog Safety Camera – A rare safety device that offers multiple layers of swimming pool safety protection all by itself
  • Mesh and Solid approved safety covers – these are great for preventing entry into the swimming pool water when it is not being used for long periods of time (such as in the winter months)
  • Automatic pool covers – these are easy to use during the swimming season and offer great protection from all sorts of unauthorized entry into the swimming pool

More about the Pool Watchdog Safety Camera

It was mentioned that the Pool Watchdog is that rare safety device that offers you more than one level of swimming pool safety protection all by itself. This is because this excellent safety device lets you keep an eye on your swimming pool with streaming video from wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection and it also will send you an email or text alert whenever someone enters into your swimming pool area. Here is a list of its many great features:Other_square_Pool_Watchdog

  • Day and night vision settings for the camera
  • Motion sensor detection alerts you to unauthorized entry into your swimming pool area
  • Streams video to your PC, smartphone or other smart device 24/7
  • Affordably priced
  • Easy 10 minute setup
  • You do not need to own a computer to use it (only to record the live video stream)

What is the ‘Best Thing’ about the Pool Watchdog Safety Camera?

It alerts you ‘BEFORE’ a life threatening situation is already underway in your swimming pool; this gives you ‘PRECIOUS EXTRA SECONDS’ to help avoid a potential heart breaking incident.

What do we recommend as a minimum of pool safety protection?

To give you the utmost peace of mind and safety protection for your backyard swimming pool you should combine the superior pool safety protection of a Pool Watchdog Safety Camera and a Coverstar Automatic Pool Safety Cover.

So when you are deciding which safety devices you want to add to increase the safety level around your swimming pool, then you should seriously consider making the Pool Watchdog Safety Camera an important part of that purchase.


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Kevin Losee

Written by Kevin Losee

Kevin Losee is the product manager for Automatic Safety Covers for Coverstar, a division of Latham Pool Products. During his 12 years at Coverstar, he has worked as an automatic safety cover installer, operations manager, technical support / order entry manager, and product manager. When not focused on automatic covers, he enjoys tearing up the trail on his mountain bike.

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