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The Best Swimming Pools For Exercising

  May 24, 2016 / by Tara Kar

Best Swimming Pools For Exercising - indoor exercise pool

Swimming is a great overall workout. It involves both cardio and strength training for nearly every muscle group in your body.  Many homeowners forget that they could build the perfect outdoor exercise equipment -- one that is easy on your joints and can provide a whole-body workout that often supercedes traditional cardio workouts -- what is that? Your pool of course!  

So if you're about to take the plunge and purchase a new pool, take a look at three types of swimming pools that help optimize aquatic exercise.

Swimming Pools For Exercise

Latham Swimming Pools For Exercise - hydrozone pool

  1. Hydro Zone Swimming Pool - The Hydro Zone™ is the ultimate edge in aquatic exercise. Its depth and versatility is perfect for aquatic cross training and physical therapy, while the numerous options available with a Hydro Zone™ allow it to fit into any backyard or landscape. Click here to view additonal photos of Viking Pools Hydro Zone™ models in the Viking Pools Brochure.

Viking Pools Panama I and II Lap Pools

 2.  Panama I or II - Viking Pools offers two lap pool models, Panama I and Panama II,  both optimal for swimming pool exercise. These fiberglass pools are easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for more time exercising in the pool and less time doing maintenance on the pool. These options are ideal for serious swimmers who prefer to exercise by swimming laps.


Best Lap Pools For Exercise - olympic length exercise pool


3. Custom Vinyl Liner Pool - Vinyl liner swimming pools, available in either polymer or steel, are ideal for any kind of exercise as the pool itself can be customized to any shape or size. As seen in the image above, you can build an Olympic size lap pool for long distance swimming or a teeny tiny pool for swimming pool aerobics. 

Whether you're looking for the ultimate cross training and physical therapy approach or you want to customize the size of your pool for your swimming patterns, there's probably never a better time to think about building a pool. You gain a valuable resource for cardio exercise which you can use at your leisure right before summer hits full force. 

More thoughts on jumpstarting your workout plans? Check out more ideas on how to use your pool to reach your summer fitness goals by downloading our free Swimming Pool Workout Program -- and let us know how these methods worked for YOU! 

Six Week Swimming Pool Workout Program Latham Pool Products

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Tara Kar

Written by Tara Kar

Tara Kar is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Latham’s Canadian Division. Born and raised in one of the country’s most vibrant cities, she realized her passion for anything creative at a young age. From the dramatic arts, to backyard party planning, to Sunday cake decorating, her passion for creating is her driving focus. Recently married, her husband and herself enjoy quality time in their home, which they are renovating to include - you guessed it a pool!

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