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The Pool Cover Specialists Auto Cover for Every Pool Shape

  Aug 22, 2016 / by Sean Miner

Freeform Swimming Pools With a Pool Cover Specialist Automatic Pool Cover

When homeowners design their own pool, they often decide that they want to go with a less traditional shaped pool in favor of something a little more imaginative. Nearly everything about a swimming pool can be customizable to reflect a families unique creativity. However, many pool owners have come to believe a myth that unqiuely shaped pools cannot be covered with an automatic safety cover

Freeform Swimming Pool With Automatic Pool cover

Yes, an Auto Cover Can Protect Your Unique Pool Design

If you own or are contemplating an irregular shaped pool, fear not. Nearly every pool regardless of the shape or the size can be protected by an automatic pool cover. Whether you want to choose your automatic cover before you install your pool or after there are options to make sure that your pool is tastefully and professionally concealed and protected.

Pool Cover Specialist Automatic Safety Covers Latham Pool Products

The Many Benefits of a Pool Cover Specialists Auto Cover

For many people, the idea of owning an auto cover is a novelty. Some pool owners see automatic covers as a sort of luxury, but when one considers the many benefits it becomes apparent that automatic covers should really be considered a necessity.

Increased Safety

By creating a barrier between the surface and the pool's water, automatic safety covers impressively protect children and pets from slipping into deep waters.

Energy Savings

By leaving the swimming pool cover on your pool when not in use you’re conserving energy. When left open, heat can escape the pool and into the atmosphere. Fifty to 85% of energy savings on annual pool heating bills can be attributed to the aid of pool covers.

Decreased Environmental Impact

In addition to energy saving, pool covers reduce CO2 emissions from pool heating as much as 3-6 tons, reduces evaporation up to 95%,and helps eliminate the primary source of evaporative action.

Increased Free Time

General maintenance required to keep your pool free of debris is greatly reduced if the cover is left on when the pool is not in use, thus giving you more time to float and less time cleaning. 

 Pool Cover Specialists Indoor Automatic Swimming Pool Safety Cover

Efficient Pool Cover Specialists Auto Covers for Every Type of Pool and Spa

The benefits of automatic pool covers are not limited to just in ground pools. An Automatic Cover can be applied to any type of pool or spa. If it holds water for recreational use, it can (and should) be covered. This includes spas, cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. To learn more simply download our eBook "Pool Cover Specialists: Customized Automatic Covers For Any Swimming Pool Shape." Pool Cover Specialists Automatic Pool Covers For Every Pool Shape

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Sean Miner

Written by Sean Miner

Sean Miner is the Product Director for Automatic Safety Covers at Latham. Prior to joining Latham in 2015, he spent 7 years in the Aerospace industry and 6 years in the off road vehicle industry. His love of all things mechanical drives his passion for automatic safety covers and using them to make pools safer. His education includes an MBA from the University of Florida and enough engineering courses to know he doesn’t like math. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and three young boys and also golfing, snowmobiling, hiking and traveling our amazing country. His goals include every pool having an automatic safety cover and handing out lemons while wearing a “Life” shirt.

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