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Top 10 Custom In-Ground Pool Models in 2016

  Aug 18, 2016 / by Tara Kar

While summer isn’t over yet and, thankfully, there are still a number of weeks of pool season left, sales trends for the year have revealed to us what the most popular fiberglass pool models were for 2016. If you’re looking to install a custom in ground, luxury swimming pool and you want to know what other pool lovers are enjoying, read on.

Best Selling Pool and Spa Models of 2016

Below is a countdown of the pools and spas that topped the popularity chart in 2016.


 semicircle tanning ledge

#10 - Semicircle Tanning Ledge by Blue Hawaiian Pools

At 16’ long by 8’4” wide by 10” deep, this Semicircle Tanning Ledge gives sunbathers the perfect place to catch some rays and a refreshing dip at the same time.

 Neutron Fiberglass by Trilogy Pools

#9 - Neutron by Trilogy Pools

The Neutron holds approximately 5,200 gallons at depths ranging from 3’6” to 5”, this 22’x11’ freeform pool is classified as “small” but delivers big on the backyard fun.

 Gulf Coast by Viking Pools

#8 - Gulf Coast by Viking Pools

A large pool at 40’x16’, the Gulf Coast has a free form shape and an 8’ depth that accommodates sliding and diving with properly installed equipment used according to the manufacturer's’ directions.

 Royal Fiberglass by Viking Pools

#7 - Royal by Viking Pools

The Royal is a 10’x8’ spa with a 3’4” depth. It works well as a stand-alone unit or spilling over into a pool.

 Cape May Kidney Fiberglass By Blue Hawaiian Pools

#6 - Cape May by Blue Hawaiian Pools

The first kidney-shaped pool on our list of top sellers, the Cape May is 24’x12’ with a depth that runs from 3’6” to 5’.

 Trilogy Zenith Vega Trilogy Pools

#5 - Zenith by Trilogy Pools

At 33’x16’ with depths ranging from 3’7” to 5’5”, the Zenith holds approximately 15,000 gallons — plenty of area for your family and friends to spread out and enjoy some play time in the pool.

 Laredo by Blue Hawaiian Pools

Photo Credit:  https://www.swimmingpoolnow.com/~fiberglass-pools~laredo-fiberglass-pool

#4 - Laredo by Blue Hawaiian Pools

The Laredo is another very popular kidney-shaped pool. It measures 20’x10’ with modest depths from 3’2” to 5”.

 Columbia Fiberglass Pool By Trilogy Pools

#3 - Columbia by Trilogy Pools

The Columbia was a new model for 2016 and it quickly developed a large fan base! At 28’x14’6” it is considered a medium-sized pool and goes from a shallow end of 3’7” to a deep end of 5’10”.

 Blue Hawaiian Pools Athens Model

#2 - Athens by Blue Hawaiian Pools

Coming in just shy of the top spot is the Athens. Another of the diving pools in our list, it has an 8’ maximum depth, with a 3’6” shallow end. One of the biggest pools on the list, it measures 40’x16’.

 Viking Pools Fiji Model

#1 - Fiji by Viking Pools 

And the most popular pool model for 2016 is… the Fiji. This beautiful free-form pool is a great size at 34’x15’ and gradually slopes from 3’6” to a maximum depth of 6’.


Start Planning Your Perfect Pool

So now you know the top picks from other pool owners. Whether you go with one of the most popular models, or have your eye on another great pool or spa, there’s no time like the present to start making plans for your installation. Get it done now, and you’ll have it ready to fire up when pool season arrives in 2017. Need help choosing the perfect pool? We’re here to help.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pool Guide

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Tara Kar

Written by Tara Kar

Tara Kar is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Latham’s Canadian Division. Born and raised in one of the country’s most vibrant cities, she realized her passion for anything creative at a young age. From the dramatic arts, to backyard party planning, to Sunday cake decorating, her passion for creating is her driving focus. Recently married, her husband and herself enjoy quality time in their home, which they are renovating to include - you guessed it a pool!

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