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13 Dream Pergolas for Around the Pool

Jun 15, 2021 by Jeremy Miller

Vinyl Liner Pool | Geometric shape in Grey Mosaic The basic backyard pergola is always a nice spot to relax in the shade. Start with four posts, then simply add horizontal slats. Placing the posts closer or farther apart can control the amount of shade the area gets. With so many pergola options available, we've compiled several common pergola designs so that you can elevate your garden retreat.

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The Many Depths of a Fiberglass Pool

Jun 10, 2021 by Mike Fox

There are many characteristics to consider as you plan to have a fiberglass swimming pool installed or make additions/upgrades to your existing pool. Size, shape, and color are three of the key decisions that tend to be at the top of every new pool owner's list. An important attribute that doesn’t get quite as much consideration in many cases is depth. But, it should be a factor in your decision ...

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Pool Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Jun 8, 2021 by Jeremy Miller

Fiberglass | St. Lucia in Crystite Classic Ocean Blue Building a pool is a big enough undertaking in its own right, add backyard landscaping to the equation and you’ve got a lot of planning to do. Fortunately, a little foresight is all it takes to ensure your outdoor vision comes to life. We've compiled some of the common landscaping mistakes below so that you can avoid them in order for your ...

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