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Not All Swimming Pool Covers Are Created Equal

Sep 2, 2021 by Kevin Losee

When it comes to safety in and around your pool, not all covers are created equal. While it may be tempting to save a few dollars with a cheaper option, the safety of your family, friends and pets should be foremost on your mind. Any pool cover worth considering needs to be ASTM certified for both safety and quality.

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Pool Safety First: How to protect Your Children From Falling in

May 18, 2021 by Kevin Losee

Fiberglass | Olympia 16 in Classic Sapphire Blue When it comes protecting your children, you can never take too many precautions. With summer approaching and bringing with it endless pool parties, it’s always a good idea to revisit a mental, if not physical, checklist to ensure all potential drowning hazards are addressed. As a responsible adult, it’s your job to make sure children are safe in ...

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A Cautionary Tale: Green Water, Bad Advice & an Unsightly Solar Cover

Apr 11, 2018 by Kevin Losee

Vinyl Liner Pool with Undertrack Automatic Safety Cover When purchasing a fiberglass, polymer, or steel swimming pool or pool accessories, there is a tremendous amount of information available to help you make your decision. One of the most compelling sources is the recommendation of a pool contractor or pool care provider. However, as an employee of one of our business partners found out, you ...

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