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What to Expect With Your Inground Fiberglass Pool Installation

  Apr 20, 2018 / by Mike Fox

Concord Pools Fiberglass Pool Installation

In-ground swimming pools will have a very positive impact on your life and your family's life. From parties, to swimming laps, to cookouts, to relaxing nights, your pool will deliver an array of benefits. Unfortunately, there will be time, effort, and expense involved in completing the project, but the payoff will be worth it!

That said, there’s no denying that the pool installation process will produce surprises that can be stressful to families. Rather than gloss over those issues, we believe it’s important for people who are considering a pool to know exactly what to expect from the process. One of Pool and Spa News Top 50 Builders, Concord Pools and Spas, understands the importance of this topic SO MUCH that they provide a complete "What to Expect From Your Inground Pool Installation Guide" to all potential new pool owners. Here are some highlights of what Latham, and Concord Pools and Spas, feel is more important to know.

The (Somewhat) Unattractive Means to a Beautiful End

An in-ground pool installation is considered “major construction.” Consequently, if you come away from a conversation with an installer believing that you’ll “hardly know they’re there,” they probably haven’t set your expectations properly.

The truth is, large machinery is required to excavate the spot for your new pool, get it into place, and backfill around it. So, there will be noise, disruption of your landscaping, etc. In the interest of full transparency, here are some aspects of in-ground pool installation that you should be aware of:Fiberglass Pool Construction

  • Heavy equipment access. Excavators, dump trucks, concrete trucks, cranes and other machinery will need access to your yard. This may require the temporary removal of fencing, small trees and shrubs, etc. And, this equipment is heavy, so it will create ruts in your lawn. If access is inhibited, extra costs may apply.
  • Driveway/sidewalk damage. While your installation team will take great care in navigating in and out of your yard, if they have to take machinery across a driveway or sidewalk, there is the potential for damage.
  • Rain delays. Moving and operating heavy equipment in the rain is both dangerous and more damaging to your yard. In the event of significant precipitation, operations may have to be halted for a few days until the ground can dry.
  • Unstable soils requiring a lift. If the soil in the area where your pool will be installed is deemed unstable, it may be required to build it up to create the necessary “lift” to support your pool. This is done by adding layers of compacted stone. While it is very effective, this process is also time consuming.
  • Bedrock or shale that must be removed. Digging out soil to place a pool goes fairly quickly. If bedrock or shale is encountered, however, a hydraulic hammer must be brought in to break up the layer so it can be hauled away.

Every installation is different, but the considerations above are the most common.

For More Information...

Concord Pools & Spas values transparency the same way Latham does. Whether you are working with Concord or another Latham dealer, be sure to inquire about the installation process.

Contact your Latham dealer today to get all your questions answered.

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Mike Fox

Written by Mike Fox

Mike has been in the Pool Industry and with Latham Pool Products for over 11 years. Prior to coming to Latham, his professional career was with Anderson and General Electric (GE) in Finance and Strategy. Mike has two sons, has coached many years of baseball, but now enjoys watching them with a nice IPA.