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How to Make Your Swimming Pool Ready for an Auto Cover: Now or Later

  Aug 5, 2016 / by Kevin Losee

Rectangular pool  - make it ready for auto cover

Building a swimming pool is a big investment. While making a variety of other decisions in the pool building process, you may not consider potential add-ons for the future, but knowing your options could make a big difference in future costs, especially when you're considering an automatic pool cover. 

Even if you aren't planning on adding it until a future date, preparing for an automatic pool cover requires a few simple changes. These changes are best made while you're in the process of building your pool -- and they can save time, money, and the pain of redoing primary aspects of your pool and back yard. 

A Quick Overview of How Automatic Safety Covers are Installed

There are some options when it comes to installing your automatic cover, but the installation is fairly similar for all types. A hiding track will need to be installed under layers of decking or attached to the top of the pool.

Once this is done, the rest of the key components are assembled into their proper place. And the best part? You can have your builders prepare for an automatic cover whether you want to install it now or later.

The Benefits of Having an Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Safety pool cover - rectangular pool

Automatic pool covers are safe, simple once installed, and can even prevent evaporation. They've become a popular option for pool owners who want a strong, durable pool cover that's simple and reliable.

While auto covers are beneficial, making that additional investment isn't always within the budget.

Whether you know the type of pool (or cover) you want, or whether you want to install right now or in the next few years, you should know exactly what to tell your builders before they put the finishing touches on your inground pool.

To get full details on how you can save time & money by making your pool automatic pool cover ready, download our FREE eBook by clicking here or on the image below.


eBook - How To Make Your Swimming Pool Auto Cover Ready

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Kevin Losee

Written by Kevin Losee

Kevin Losee is the product manager for Automatic Safety Covers for Coverstar, a division of Latham Pool Products. During his 12 years at Coverstar, he has worked as an automatic safety cover installer, operations manager, technical support / order entry manager, and product manager. When not focused on automatic covers, he enjoys tearing up the trail on his mountain bike.